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Meet Viola Vantise founder of Melanin Too Rich

Since the inception of Melanin Too Rich, I have been blessed with amazing opportunities across the country, connected with so many amazing men and women, and grown tremendously as a business woman. I get asked all the time about how I got started, how have I been able to maintain my business and sustain its growth, and achieve overall success in such a short period of time. 
In this interview I answer one of the biggest questions I get... and that's how I got started! Listening to this interview, you will be able to see a side of me that only my close friends and family get to experience. Through this process and the more I share my story, I see how many lives it has impacted and how I've been able to inspire many men and women to take their business and lives to the next level with faith and action.
Take a listen to my interview with Dei Lake, founder of Success On Demand. Success On Demand is a community of ambitious women, who dive deep into stories about life lessons, growth, and business tactics. 
Listen to the podcast here below: 
I would love to hear your feedback from the interview. Please be sure to leave a comment on our pages and let me know what you think. 
                              Viola Vantise 
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